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Resista Carpet


Advanced Technology In
Spill-Resistant Carpet

Engineered to provide outstanding performance and durability, Resista® carpets repel liquids,making clean-up a snap! Resista® carpets repel tough stains better than carpets by any other brand. Food, beverages and dirt are no match for the latest in spill-resistant technology. Tough,resilient fibers stand up to crushing and matting, guaranteeing the ongoing vitality of your carpet.

Resista Carpet

Resista Carpet, Tough on Stains, Soft Underfoot

Supreme Softness
Special soft-to-the touch yarn technology gives Resista Soft Style carpets an extraordinary silky feel, while tighter twists and heavier weights offer exceptional toughness.

Stain Repellency
The advanced fiber technology of Resista Soft Style actually repels liquids, making clean up a snap! Simply blot away red wine, grape juice, chocolate and much more!

Superior Performance
Resista Soft Style carpets are specifically engineered to retain texture and color longer for years of beauty and enjoyment. That means carpet stays looking new longer.

Protects Against Stains Other Warranties Exclude!
Stains covered by Resista Carpet that are NOT covered by other stain warranties: Coffee, cola, mustard, fruit punch, red wine, apple juice, grape juice and more!

Tops in both style and performance, Resista® SoftStyle pairs renowned stain resistance with extraordinary softness. This advanced-generation carpet allows you to relax and live with comfort and durability. With its top-of-the-industry warranties, Resista® SoftStyle means that you're covered, no matter what spills and stains come your way.

  • Up to 20-Year Limited Wear Warranty
  • Up to 10-Year Limited Texture Retention Warranty
  • Up to 90-Day Assurance Replacement Warranty
SoftStyle carpet

See store for warranty details. Pet stains are excluded from the Resista Carpet Warranty. See actual warranties in store for details. Warranties vary by fiber content.


Silky Soft Carpet With Built-In
Stain & Odor Protection

Resista® Refresh is the revolutionary silky soft carpet with advanced generation stain and odor protection. Available in a lush array of styles, colors and textures, Resista® Refresh offers the perfect blend of fashion meeting function.

lifetime stain warrantyDon't cry over spilled milk. With our Advanced Generation Resista® SoftStyle, you're covered! Resista® Refresh repels stains, cleans up easily, retains its brilliance and softness longer, and won't wash or wear off – for life! And this revolutionary stain resistant carpet features a lifetime stain warranty against food and beverage which covers accidental household stains that most other warranties exclude such as coffee, red wine, and fruit punch.

silver shieldSilver has been treasured for centuries as a natural and safe method to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria. Our Silver Shield is bonded to the actual carpet fiber and won't wear or wash off for the life of the floor. Completely safe and tested by the centuries!

acti-freshACTI Fresh is always at work to safely and naturally eliminate common household odors. ACTI Fresh behaves like a baking soda, to safely and effectively neutralize odors upon contact. And, ACTI Fresh works around the clock, so you don't have to.

*Up to Lifetime Limited Stain Warranty on Select Styles.

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